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ortalama 18 yaşında boy Hello friends, I am Müjgan, I am originally from Mersin. i am 38 years old and this is my second marriage. Physically, I am a short (1.55), slightly fat, chubby-ass woman with breasts like oranges. When I say ass, I’m a person who enjoys my ass a lot, what makes me mad is that my asshole gets fucked after being licked. My (deceased) first husband got me used to getting fucked in the ass and enjoying it. I lost my first husband in a car accident 9 years ago. We had all kinds of sex with him.

This includes Group Sex and wife swapping. If I say we’ve fucked almost everywhere imaginable, it’s the place. For example, my husband loved to lick his cock while driving somewhere, while cruising on the road, and I would lick it constantly while driving (besides, I never wear panties under me, it squeezes me), and then I would sit on his lap. My husband used to drive a car and fuck me…

The only thing missing was the child, but we weren’t rushing for him either. While our life was going on like this, I had lost my husband in a car accident and was now on my own (and widowed at a young age). After the last 9 years alone, my darling was starting to pull Decocks and my pussy ass was officially itching. Of course, by the way, I had already returned to my father’s house and my little suitors had started dating. Dec. Then one day my father told me that I had a suitable suitor and this person was our distant relative, he lived in Manisa and was someone who had separated from his wife or something and said, “They will come tomorrow evening, we saw fit, talk to the man too, if he lies on your head, I will give you!” said. I didn’t make any noise either, I just listened.

The guy’s financial situation was also good, and when I put all this on top of each other, it hit me in the head. The thing that lay on my head the most was that I would be away from my family in Manisa, so I could easily do whatever I wanted.

A day later they came to ask for me. The man was a 48-year-old, normal-sized man. His name is Erol. They sat down, after the families had talked and chatted for a while, my father said, “Daughter, if you want to talk, you too!” said. We went into the next room. First I told him about my past and what happened, and then he started telling me. He told me that his ex-wife was a very conservative woman and that her mental structures did not fit, that she had 2 children and that they were both married, that she had been living alone for 11 years, that she was a very open-minded person, and so on. I mean, it was on my head. After we were both OK, we returned to our fathers. My father said, “Daughter, what are you saying?” said. I said, “As you see fit, Dad!” I made it clear that I wanted to by saying. And my father said, “Oh, I guess this is all right!” said. They came a few days later, they put on a ring, a few Decals and so on, a little fun among the family, then we set off at night, right to Manisa…

When we got to our house, I was excited as if I was going to eat dick for the first time. I took a shower first, then Erol got in the shower. I (although I don’t like wearing panties very much) went to bed wearing only my Bra, which was teamed with my Thong panties for the first night, and started waiting for Erolu. Erol was naked when he came out of the shower, came shaking his dick and balls and got into bed. We started kissing right away. And he was kissing so beautifully, while he was caressing my ass.

I was also literally eating her lips. Then he took off my Bra and Thong and started licking my pussy, sticking his tongue in my pussy. Then won’t he stick his tongue in my asshole! I loved it, he was exactly the man I wanted, he was literally eating me, and it was like he knew what I liked. In order for Erol to lick my ass better, I also lifted my legs up, grabbed my legs with my hands, pulled myself up, and my pussy ass came out right in the middle. As if Erol understood this, he licked my ass so Decently that he stuck his tongue into my ass from time to time, fingered from time to time Dec.…

My ass was officially soft as dough. Erol said to me, “Wife, do you want to fuck you in the ass first?” said. I said, “Fuck me wherever you want, I’m yours with my pussy and ass now!I said. While I was in the same position, Erol took my legs on his shoulder, spat his cock and put it on my ass in such a way that my ass officially celebrated! And in this position, he was both fucking me and talking, “Wife, don’t get me wrong, I really like to swear and talk profanity when I’m fucking! I want you to swear at me when you fuck too!” said.

He was enjoying it when we were fucking, he wanted me to call him things like ’Pimp, Cunt, Horned, Son of a Bitch’. So I started, “Fuck my pimp husband, fuck! My ass, bless you, my horn! Let me be a victim to your dick, my stupid husband! Smash my ass, you Son of a Bitch!” to speak of. Erol fucked my ass like this for a while and ejaculated on my ass…

After lying in bed for a while and resting, I started licking his cock. But what a lick, I was literally eating dick, because I’ve been hungry for dick for years. I even licked your balls, sucked them. Then I turned 69 on him, and while I was licking his cock, I was rubbing my pussy in his mouth. And he said, what a word to lick my pussy, he was licking and biting at the same time. This also gave me a special pleasure.

Moreover, his hands were never empty, he was always stroking my ass, fingering. My second husband was an asshole like my first husband, and I was very happy about it. I had already put myself completely out of joy that Erol turned out to be a sex freak like me. I put Erolu on his back, crouched on his face like I was going to the toilet, and I was going back and forth in his mouth like I was fucking, rubbing my pussy and ass into his mouth. And in the end, I ejaculated like peeing in Erol’s mouth like that. Erol, on the other hand, licked and sucked my pussy so beautifully that he licked all the liquids flowing from my pussy. My pussy was shining brightly. I didn’t have any derman left, but Erol hadn’t ejaculated yet…

Then Erol made me roll over on all fours on the bed and passed behind me and put his cock in my pussy in such a way that I felt as if I was losing my girlhood for the first time. It turns out that I really, really missed being fucked, but how much. After my ass, my pussy was also celebrating at the end. Erol both fucks my pussy and says, “I’m going to make you a fucking Bitch with this cock, I’m going to feed you a dick, Bitch, Bitch!” he was cursing. I was like, “Is that your dick too, you Son of a Bitch! You haven’t seen a dick, but you think you have a dick!

Shut up and fuck off, Asshole! I’ll horn you up! Come on, feed my pussy!”I was saying abusive words like. Erol was fucking me harder the more he heard these things, and finally he came out lowing in my pussy. But what an ejaculation! When he took his cock out of my pussy, enough cum floated out of my pussy to fill half a tea cup on the sheet. I immediately ran to the bathroom, washed my pussy and ass and went back to bed. We hugged and slept kissing.

Erol turned out to be a better husband than I expected, and besides, he was an asshole just like my first husband. I’m so happy right now. We talk freely about everything about our sex fantasies without hesitation from each other. Before Erol benlen got married, he was having a threesome or something with a married couple who were his neighbors. When I told him that I had group sex and wife swapping with (my deceased husband), he would explode with joy because we were of the same mind. Erol is thinking of joining me and having a foursome with his neighbors, but first he wants to fuck me alone for a week or two, get Decently full of my pussy and ass!

I’m also writing this article when we take a break from fucking.Dec. And while I’m writing, my asshole husband Erol is not standing comfortably and licking my pussy while patting his cock. As soon as I send my post, I will sit on my impatient husband’s dick again!

Goodbye, I’m licking all of your shield cocks and watering pussies

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